Saturday, May 1, 2010

A series...

In college, I took several {& more} art classes. From digital art to printmaking, I took an art course about it!  My favorite {by far} were the photography classes. I will forever cherish my instructors and their insight into photography and the art of capturing moments/images.

I wanted {SO} badly to change my major but doing something like that one semester before graduation was strongly frowned upon, so I stuck with graphic design and called it a degree.

However, I still love photography and cannot wait to have a darkroom of my own! This will be a must on my home plans one day!

Here lately, life has been crazy insane, therefore my camera was last thing I had in my hands. However, it has found it's way back and I plan on posting tons of new black&whites and more to my new design blog {& of course my everyday blog too!} !

Here is a sneak peak of my first {new} series :

rusted glory

{If you are interested in a photograph please leave a comment or email me !}